Monday, 20 April 2015

MRP.com has team up with cool kids, bloggers and influencers alike to celebrate fashion's most iconic fabric; denim. Everyone has a connection to denim whether it’s a memory, feelz or the way we express ourselves.  

I cannot quite recall the exact moment when I fell in love with denim however, the streets had a great influence on how the relationship grew. I loved how denim created a sense of timeless yet effortless style from a harmonic mix of either sportswear, utility and other fashion codes. Get involved, share what denim means to you and you could win a trip to connect with a friend anywhere in the world. 

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Monday, 13 April 2015

 A few week ago while attending to my laundry, my hat found itself in the turbo drum for 45 minutes of a wash, a rinse and a spin, needless to say: all shape and character were lost. With various attempts in getting the hat to it's original crown yielding no desired outcome, I lost hope.

The Simon & Mary AW15 collection could not have dropped at more suitable time.  Entitled Wonky, the duo introduces their first rage of crushable felt hats, whether you bend, twist or fold them; the bad boy will always regain their pure pressed crown. The AW15 range is available from the May 1st in the basic colours, also in the new chambray finish.

 The hat has arguably became the most cognate accessory one could own. Whether you favour the trilby, bowler or wide brim fedora, a hat makes for an easy way to give character to your look. Photographer: Zander Opperman and Styling Jana + Koos.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Oscar de la Renta once said something in the lines of "I like light, color, luminosity. I like things full of color and vibrant", a quote that best defines the current offering from Caylin Wilsnach. Dubbed Luminance, the collection draws inspiration from the nature of  visible light with elements of futuristic elements. 
The futuristic appeal came from the use of opaque plastic or rather acrylic. I created pleats by hand stitching on the skirt. I also used reflective vinyl transfer printing on the garments which served both a futuristic purpose and tied in with the light concept.
Caylin Wilsnach, is a recent graduate from the Cape Town College of Fashion and was a AFI fastrack finalist. The collection was photographed by Cassandra Collett and modelled Ernania from Boss Models.


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