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30 April 2011

How chic are these ensembles layouts from dirty hair halo, so simple yet stylish.

Trend Update: Trend for summer women.

29 April 2011

Colour, maximalism, minimalish and novelty. These are some of the major trends that scream summer.

Trend update:Dr. Martens

They say a smell can bring back childhood memories, whether be your mothers horrible cooking or your dirty childhood bestfriend. Like a smell Dr Martens triggers the best of my childhood memories, the memories on how I got my first pair to memories of jumping in mud paddles. I admire the new girly girl concept but I would rather stick to the good old fashion classic black boot.

Trend update: Summer trends for Women.

I recently compiled a number of summer fashion trends from various designers for men (see: previous post) and looking at the recent looks for women from the H&M magazine (styled by Josh Olins and photographed by Kasia Struss), I was taken aback by the similarities.My initial thoughts were, fashion trend for women were way more forward and better than man, I feel somewhat ashamed to say i was wrong.

images from

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Events: Cake couture.

28 April 2011

Whether you are a bride to be or just in  Royal wedding frenzy (see poster below).

Trend update: looking back SUMMER 2010/2011

This summer has certainly been my favourite when it came to trends, there was so much on offer, one would have to be  spoiled for choice. I managed  to sum up a montage from various Designer of what would be, my fashion memories of summer10/11, from the season look at the bright side of life to botanical and painterly prints, from my personal favorite*  nautical trend sailing away towards new horizons to the seasons retro safari trend, from the 60s rocker dude to sports luxe. How can such beautiful fashion memories fade away?

(Read: The compiled trend below are timeless,thus you can rock em* next summer.)

Wishlist: Polka dot Derbys

25 April 2011

Wow ain't they just the cutest thing in the world?

Trend update: White Lace.

White lace,whether mini or maxi are certainly one of my favorite item to see women in this this season.Yes I know it's winter and they are a bit inappropriate for the cold front facing us, i feel their should be a staple in any females closets next summer.

Qoutes to live by.

Inspire me: Jak and Jil

Inspiration from Jak and Jil, not the nursery rhyme,which features some of my favorite trends this winter, from layering to colour blocking.

Prada S/S11 espadrilles.

20 April 2011

Espadrilles taken to the next platform (read: a higher) platform, I love the variety in colour drom the shoes to the soles. prada taadaah!

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